CF Starters

A1. Green Onion Cakes (2)


Chinese fried flatbread folded with minced spring onions served with sweet & spicy dipping sauce.  Half Order: $5.00

A10. Mixed Vegetable Tempura


Yams, broccoli and sweet peppers coated in a light batter served with homemade dipping sauce.

A11. Prawn Tempura (8)


Prawns coated in light batter served with homemade dipping sauce.

A4. Steam Bao


Choose from braised five-spice Pork belly, Chicken or Tofu (V)

A5. Hoang Long signature Lemongrass Grilled Skewers* (4)


Choice of: Beef*, Chicken or Pork

Charred to perfection and served with lettuce and homemade peanut sauce (contains nuts)

*winner of Most Tasty Food Item at Taste of Edmonton food festival 2015

Half Order: $7.00

A6. Happy Tray


Two skewers each of grilled Beef, Chicken, Pork and Shrimp

A7. Crispy Chicken Lettuce Wrap


Crispy Chicken, crunchy spicy peanut served in a lettuce wrap with homemade sweet & sour sauce.

A8. Prawn Coconut Flake (8)


Prawns coated in a crispy coconut flake served with sweet pepper sauce and greens.

A9. Vietnamese Kim Chi*


An assortment of homemade and traditionally pickled spicy vegetables.

*Spicy, Glutten Free

A2. Salad Rolls (4)


Choice of: Chicken, Shrimp (N), or Tofu (V)
Rice paper wraps with vermicelli, basil served with homemade peanut sauce (N).
* Gluten free when served without the sauce

Half Order: $5.00